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Smart Structures and Systems   Volume 7, Number 2, February 17 2011, pages 117-132
Damage detection in plates based on pattern search and Genetic algorithms
G. Ghodrati Amiri, S.A. Seyed Razzaghi and A. Bagheri

Abstract     [Full Text]
    This paper is aimed at presenting two methods on the basis of pattern search and genetic algorithms to detect and estimate damage in plates using the modal data of a damaged plate. The proposed methods determine the damages of plate structures using optimization of an objective function by pattern search and genetic algorithms. These methods have been applied to two numerical examples, namely fourfixed supported and cantilever plates with and without noise in the modal data and containing one or several damages. The obtained results clearly reveal that the proposed methods can be viewed as a powerful and reliable method for structural damage detection in plates using the modal data.
Key Words
    damage detection; plate; pattern search algorithm; genetic algorithm; modal data.
G. Ghodrati Amiri, S.A. Seyed Razzaghi and A. Bagheri :Center of Excellence for Fundamental Studies in Structural Engineering, School of Civil Engineering,
Iran University of Science & Technology, PO Box 16765-163, Narmak, Tehran 16846, Iran.

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