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Smart Structures and Systems   Volume 13, Number 6, June 2014, pages 993-1014
Development of a dynamic sensing system for civil revolving structures and its field tests in a large revolving auditorium
Yaozhi Luo, Pengcheng Yang, Yanbin Shen, Feng Yu, Zhouneng Zhong and Jiangbo Hong

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    In civil engineering, revolving structures (RS) are a unique structural form applied in innovative architecture design. Such structures are able to revolve around themselves or along a certain track. However, few studies are dedicated to safety design or health monitoring of RS. In this paper, a wireless dynamic sensing system is developed for RS, and field tests toward a large revolving auditorium are conducted accordingly. At first, a wheel-rail problem is proposed: The internal force redistributes in RS, which is due to wheel-rail irregularity. Then the development of the sensing system for RS is presented. It includes system architecture, network organization, vibrating wire sensor (VWS) nodes and online remote control. To keep the sensor network identifiable during revolving, the addresses of sensor nodes are reassigned dynamically when RS position changes. At last, the system is mounted on a huge outdoor revolving auditorium. Considering the influence of the proposed problem, the RS of the auditorium has been designed conservatively. Two field tests are conducted via the sensing system. In the first test, 2000 people are invited to act as the live load. During the revolving process, data is collected from RS in three different load cases. The other test is the online monitoring for the auditorium during the official performances. In the end, the field-testing result verifies the existence of the wheel-rail problem. The result also indicates the dynamic sensing system is applicable and durable even while RS is rotating.
Key Words
    revolving structure; sensing system; field test; dynamic addressing; wheel-rail; structural health monitoring; system development
Yaozhi Luo, Pengcheng Yang, Yanbin Shen and Feng Yu: Department of Civil Engineering, College of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, 310058, P. R. China
Zhouneng Zhong: Zhejiang Greenton Architectural Design Co., Ltd, Hangzhou 310007, P. R. China
Jiangbo Hong:Hanjia Design Group Co., Ltd, Hangzhou 310005, P. R. China

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